In the summer of 2016 the European Ultimate Federation’s youth committee came up with the idea of an Eastern European youth championship in order to integrate into the European youth ultimate movement those nations that are less experienced or cannot afford the participation on the regular European Youth Ultimate Championships.

EUF searched for an appropriate location close to the Eastern European region and the decision fell on the Sport Center of Debrecen (Hungary) and the organizational duties were delegated to the Flying Disc Sport Club of Debrecen.

Why is it worth participating?

For the most experienced nations: The tournament provides a low cost preparation opportunity for the most experienced national teams one month before the European Youth Ultimate Championship. It is also a very good opportunity for creating B teams and this way those players, who are not elected to the A team, can get a chance to show their talents.

For the emerging countries: It is an ideal competition for those nations that already started to build the youth background in their country but are not yet able to compete with the bests or have no chance to reach high ranking on the European Youth Ultimate Championship.

For the newcomers: A closer and shorter tournament could motivate the less experienced Eastern nations to take the next or first step to build national youth teams. It is EUF’s pronounced intention to give an impulse for these nations’ development.