European Ultimate Federation

The European Youth Ultimate Cup is organized under the supervision of the European Ultimate Federation (”EUF”). EUF serves as the European governing body of ultimate and it is responsible for encouraging ultimate play throughout Europe and advising national flying disc associations on ultimate activities. In line with these goals EUF’s youth committee decided to organize a new junior tournament in 2017 in order to promote the development of youth ultimate in the Eastern European countries.


Flying Disc Sport Club of Debrecen

EUF entrusted the Flying Disc Sport Club of Debrecen with the organizational tasks of the European Youth Ultimate Cup. The club runs the team called FreeBees that was established in 2004. The team has a youth division since 2008 and today it manages a multi level ultimate youth program and works in cooperation with primary and secondary schools as well as with the local university. According to the club’s philosophy the future of ultimate depends on the younger generations.

During the last decade the club’s senior players have gathered significant experience in organizing ultimate events including outdoor and indoor national championships in open, women and mixed categories and the team is the organizer of the Can Touch Disc international indoor ultimate tournament.